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Own a comprehensive, world-class suite of online fundraising software. Our all-in-one platform includes all the fundraising tools you need to get up and running from day one.

  • Seamless and easy online payment processing

  • Unlimited mobile-friendly pages to accept donations online

  • Unlimited peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns

  • On-demand donor and event management applications with Salesforce®

  • The Swiper1 mobile credit card reader and event registration app

  • SMSgiving

CONNECT: Cloud Fundraising Software

Customize and brand your fundraising campaigns with mobile-friendly donation forms, real-time receipts, and more. Embed them directly into your website, or use a standalone link. Your account includes this entire fundraising software suite and more. So dazzle your donors, and build your presence.

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An online fundraising platform for nonprofits.

Watch pledgeTV, an online video player for donors to give while they watch. Donate

pledgeTV, an online video player for donors to give while they watch.

pledgeTV™ is a revolutionary video player that lets donors give while they watch. Use pledgeTV™ within Connect to accept and process electronic credit card payments through video, capturing hearts and contributions at the same time.

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Use social media to involve volunteers in peer-to-peer fundraising

CONNECT: Peer-To-Peer Fundraising

Reach new audiences and even expand your social networks with our peer-to-peer fundraising. There’s no limit to how many campaigns you can run, or fundraisers you can enlist. You can even track your progress with real-time reports. Motivate and move your community to action.

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SMSgiving From
Click & Pledge

SMSgiving from Click & Pledge makes donating easier for your donors and makes marketing easier on you. Create custom keywords for your campaign and enjoy the benefits of customized forms, real-time receipts, custom thank-you messages, and full integration with Salesforce®. Increase engagement, increase donors, and increase donations. Do it all with SMSgiving from Click & Pledge.

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Use Swiper1's storefront to sell your organization's merchandise.

Swiper1 Mobile Suite + Card Reader

Swiper1 isn’t just a credit card reader — it fully complements your next gala, conference, auction, and other fundraisers. On one hand, there’s the card reader for instant mobile donations. But the companion app also provides the flexibility of keying manual transactions, tracking and handling event registrations, and so much more. It’s also the only mobile card reader and event registration app that’s fully integrated with Salesforce®.

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GiveBig®: Giving Day Platform

GiveBig® brings nonprofits together on the most successful giving day platform of all time. Involve your community at the local, regional, or state level with a 24-hour giving day event. We collaborate with you to ensure this large-scale fundraising event is a success for your each and every participating organization.

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Roanoke Valley Gives 2016

“What’s great about GiveBig® is it allows a person who is passionate about a particular cause to contribute and feel like they’re part of something bigger. Their $10 donation goes a really long way.”

Carly Oliver, Foundation for Roanoke Valley
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Donor Management With Salesforce®

We designed the Donor Management app entirely in mind for the everyday Salesforce® user. Measure impact, cultivate donations, and boost retention. The app also includes custom autoresponders, contact matching, patron analytics, and more third-party integrations.

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Event Management With Salesforce®

Get up and running in time for your next charity run. Whatever you’re planning for your next fundraiser, Event Management is a quick and efficient way to track your progress. Create events with multiple ticketing options, levels, and prices. Send out branded e-tickets and name badges for different registration types, ticket levels, and more. You can even scan ticket QR Codes with the Swiper1 app for quick attendee check-in and check-out.

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